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Here we list all the apps we have come across that are handy when visiting London in the UK. If you have more apps we should list please get in touch.

London Pub Crawls (69p and £4.99)

This is an absolutely awesome app. With 160 great pubs in 40 separate walks, you are sure to have a great night out. The pubs can be found by Google navigation, but if you are travelling you can download static maps. We like the ability to SMS your mates directly from the app, so handy when you are trying to catch up.

Museum of London Streetview (Free)

This is a fabulous app is produced by the British Museum. Based on GPS and numbers located on lamp posts, you can view historical photographs of London taken from where you are standing. This is pretty amazing and gives a fantastic insight into how London looked in the past. We really liked the view of the River Thames with ice skaters and that has not happened for a very long time.

Brit Film (Free)

Based on British movies, this app shows you some of those memorable filming locations and let’s you photograph them (better if you are in the picture we reckon!) great for some brilliant memories of London, particularly if you are a film buff.


They Say: Planning a trip to beautiful London UK? Then London! is the perfect travel companion for you to plan, explore, and track your visit to this wonderful city. WIth convenient features and intuitive design, along with detailed and accurate information, London! will make your trip that much more enjoyable.Link to the iStore

We haven’t looked at this one yet!

London! (Free)

This is a rather peculiar little app with some lovely photographs of nice spots and views in London. Sadly it does not tell you where those spots are, so a little useless for most tourists. What were they thinking?

Best of Britain (Free)

This app looks awesome when it opens with a rather stunning photo of a large country house.  Sadly my Internet connection was too slow, so it would not load. Perhaps not ideal for a traveller. This app requires acces to the Internet to work. Not good for the traveller.

London Transport Map (Free)

This is handy London underground map. The second page lists all thenstations. Unfortunately you cannot click that station name and be taken to where the station is on the map. Sadly this app is not much better than a PDF of the underground map. Apple iSstore

Defend London lite (Free)

This is a fun little game where you have your own Spitfire and have to shoot down German bombers. Simple and fun. A good way to wastesome time when your train is delayed or you are at the airport. Although you control your Spitfire by tilting the screen so if, like me, you tend to get a bit carried away, perhaps playing in public is not such a good idea.

Google maps (Free)

This fantastic app come standard on most phones, if not, well you have been dudded! With east to read maps and googles navigation, this is a must have app for anyone. More useful than Barrack Obama!


The majority of phones already have a camera capability, but this paid fo app introduces some extra functions like stability and cropping.

XE Currency Converter (Free)

Does exactly what you think it does. Handy and easy to use and available on iPhone and Android.

Street Museum Londinium (Free)

Another great app produced by the British Museum. Based on GPSit provides a walking tour through London’s roman archeology. iPhone users can blow dirt away by blowing on the microphone. Amazing!

Kabbee (Free)

Need a taxi, well this is the app for you. This handy app let’s you book a mini cab with pick up location from GPS and it tells you how much too. Great when you have had a big night out.

Addison Lee (Free)

Same type of app as Kabbee, but exclusive to Addison Lee. Their cars are more of a private car hire and are that little bit more expensive. But when they say 10 minutes, it will be 10 minutes. Top service and worth the extra fare.

London Photography by CasafreePro Photos from London UK.

They Say:  London City Photography is a free application with hundreds of photos of London : Landscapes, architecture, monument, lifestyle etc. You can save the photos on your phone, and use them as wallpaper, or you can share the photos via gmail, facebook etc.

We haven’t looked at this one yet!

COOL LONDON City Guide by teNeues Digital Media GmbH

They Say: Cool Cities is the ideal companion for a weekend trip. It offers the kind of recommendations that you would like to get from a friend or an insider.
In addition to the coolest year-round locations, this app contains an extensive special for the London Fashion Week, including: an event calendar, Hot spots to visit after the shows, Breakfast cafés

We haven’t looked at this one yet!

London TC (Free)

They Say:  LondonTC is an easy to use App that allows you to view the latest live images from Transport for London (TfL) Traffic Cameras for key traffic congestion points across London. With LondonTC you can have as many camera images open as you want, with each image refreshing as needed.  Link to the iStore

We Say;  Given London is known for its congestion, this sounds like a pretty handy app. Obviously streams so will need a data connection.

London Guide – TVtrip $3.99

They Say: TVtrip is the next-gen travel guide. TVtrip has selected for you the best activities, hotels and restaurants in London. A clear and easy to use guide, ideal for discovering London on the weekend! No added filler text— just the essential information and practical tips, clear and to the point!

LondoniTraveller ($0.99)

They Say: LondoniTraveller is a new application that aims to give you all the information you need about London. Our application has got everything that you need for you trip to London, with discount codes codes for places to eat and dine, places to visit and much much more. Using our application you can also see the status of the transport network with the information from the transport for London network. You can also see the current and upcoming weather forecast, and also a currency converter in built to the application so you can make calculations on costs wherever you are.

London: Tube Guru Guide & Audio

They Say: With Tube Guru a journey on the London Underground will never be quite the same. The affectionately named Tube is the world’s oldest underground railway so its millions of passengers are actually visitors to a unique working museum…
This one-of-a-kind app is the perfect companion to the Tube experience, digging up a treasure trove of indispensable facts and figures, fables and falsehoods – did London Underground REALLY employ a one-legged man to ride up and down the escalators? Use it at home, on a plane, on the Tube – the encounter begins well before the ticket hall and continues long after leaving.  Link to iStore

London: Travel Guide – Time Out (Free)

They Say:  Get Time Out’s guide to London: everything you would expect from the award-winning travel expert in a feature-packed app. Discover London without the worry of roaming charges as you browse the insider’s guide entirely offline (even the interactive maps and location services). Time Out understands there is more to a city than its landmarks. Keep the British capital’s museums, attractions, restaurants, bars, entertainment and nightlife at your fingertips, with lots of recommendations to help you get the most out of your time in the city. Simply bookmark your favourites and the app will help create your itinerary or let the app find your location and map the nearby venues.  Link to iStore

London: Travel Guide ($4.99)

AUGMENTED REALITY, unlike other tourist guides you will be able to discover the city with the best iPhone tool – AR – Just click on the AR button, turn yourself 360° and view on the screen where the best spots are and how to find them. You can also scroll up and down to view the closest and furthest attraction. Slide through the tutorial for more tips. After many requests, we bring to you your own steps with a GPS feature. Do not get lost, just take a look where you are standed. Link to iStore


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